For partners


Online Expo is open for partnership with various business areas

For media partners

We invite to cooperation mass media and web-based resources that specialize in construction, tourism, news, agriculture, finance and economics, beauty and medicine, public catering, fashion, information technology, real estate, exhibition activity, advertising and marketing, franchising, education and entertainment.

For organizational partners

We offer an opportunity for companies, startups, entrepreneurs from different business sectors and – last but not least – advertising agencies to become online business professionals by participating in our innovative promotional project aimed at organizing VR exhibitions online.

For organizational partners


  • You are an advertising agency that employs newest advertising technologies?
  • You want to start your own business but can’t choose the right business sector?
  • You want to reduce investments and minimize risks of starting a business?
  • You are ready to participate in the world-class online exhibition project?
  • You want to make money in the ultramodern innovation-driven market segment of Internet technologies?
Become a partner
    • No investments
    • Agent fee
    • Large and expanding market
    • High interest rate
In addition to that, we offer a free virtual stand hosting on all running exhibitions by for the period of the conclusion of the partnership agreement.
Terms of partnership
  • You must be a legal entity with open settlement bank account.
  • You must have an office with Internet access and have the basic skills of using the Internet.
  • Prior to the conclusion of the partnership agreement, our manager will contact you to specify the details.
  • We must sign the partnership agreement, under which your company will receive interest from selling the exhibition services.
  • First partnership is signed for six months. Based on the financial results of this partnership, on expiry of this period of time we make a decision to continue the partnership or sign the exclusive partnership agreement with the partner.
  • As soon as partnership agreement is signed, our employees will give you all information about our VR platform and business strategy you need.

For media partners

We offer partnership based on ad exchange:

  • We can host the virtual stand of your company on any thematic exhibition that is currently available on our VR platform.
  • Our average site attendance is above 100,000 of unique business activities, and, depending on the theme, the average attendance of an individual exhibition can reach 500,000 viewers.
  • Geographically speaking, our site encompasses the target audience from Russia and a number of foreign countries.

Requirements for media partners:

Printed media:

  • 2 publications of the exhibition advertisement module (2 months before the exhibition is opened)
  • Publishing articles and interviews regarding the exhibition (1 month before the exhibition is opened)
  • Publishing articles and interviews when the exhibition is open.
  • Summarizing publication when the exhibition is over.
  • Placement of the banner on the site and publishing of press-releases.


  • Placement of the banner on the site (1 month before the exhibition is opened and
  • Publishing of press-releases in the news feed (before the exhibition is opened,
  • Publications regarding the exhibition (before the exhibition is opened and when
  • Summarizing publication when the exhibition is over (on indefinite terms).