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Start up expo - выставление стартапов
Вебинар проведут известные эксперты в сфере интернет - маркетинга, организаторы Международного ...-

International virtual Exhibition of Franchises 2018 is a unique platform where franchisors advertise their business projects, and potential franchisees are looking for an interesting business opportunity. Virtual exhibition of franchising implies unlimited number of participants.


Assistance in “replicating” the most successful models of domestic and foreign business

No Borders

Involvement franchisors and franchisees in the exhibition activity: even those, who don’t have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions of the traditional format


Creating conditions for concluding mutually beneficial franchise deals, and offering profitable investment for both novice and successful franchisees


Presentation of franchising companies, programs, business models, cooperation offers in franchise-format from well-known brands

Стенды и товары будут доступны после начала выставки - 10.07.2019

Expo News

The most popular foreign brands in Russia in 2019.
Burger King has become the most common international brand in Russia, it follows from the study of Retail Destination Russia 2019 of JLL, which analyzed the position of 250 brands in 37 major cities of the country.
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Hotel chain MARRIOTT plans to grow by a quarter
International hotel brand Marriott in the next three years will expand its hotel chain by 25%.
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Xiaomi and Huawei scale network in Russia
Ambitious plans for Chinese retailers
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What regions franchisors choose and why?
What business can be opened on a franchise and where?
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Franchisees told how not to make a mistake with the choice of franchise
In their opinion, half of the franchises in the market are fakes
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