At the Real Estate Exhibition new and existing real estate is going to be presented. A separate emphasis will be created on demonstrating office space, industrial buildings, warehouses, and special equipment. Also, serious activity is expected from foreign partners who are interested in selling and acquiring real estate.


Demonstration of architectural trends of 2018


Presentation of interior design innovations

Housing market

Comparison of the Russian and foreign housing markets; trends in construction market, real estate future development ideas


Evaluation of competitive advantages, choice of partners, conclusion of investment and insurance agreements


Conclusion of contracts, purchasing and selling real estate


Increasing the awareness of visitors about the current market condition

Goods and services

The Virtual International Real Estate Exhibition offers its guests convenient access to a huge number of offers, including: budget and elite real estate anywhere in the world, in different price ranges and for all kinds of exploitation purposes - living, renting, resting, doing business and storing goods.


Filter tools to view only items of interest (sort by price, location and other characteristics)


Virtual communication with consultants from exhibiting companies


Opportunity to buy a goods and services from any exhibitor online