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Start up expo - выставление стартапов
Вебинар проведут известные эксперты в сфере интернет - маркетинга, организаторы Международного ...-

Exhibition partners

Wedding couturiers, jewelers, experienced catering specialists, restaurateurs, florists, decorators, performers, make-up artists, and tour operators have a lot to show. Only a proposal itself can be more breathtaking than their offers. We welcome fiancés and fiancées, those who are only preparing for receiving a proposal, their parents, bridesmaids, and wedding guests. We also welcome people, who consider exhibitions a part of their cultural life. No other exhibition event can boast such a scale and a number of participant and happy visitors.


To promote networking between businesses of adjacent segments in wedding industry


To introduce upcoming wedding season trends to the guests


Provide the bride and groom with the maximum number of goods and services to organize a wedding


Customer behavior study to correct long-term development plans

Стенды и товары будут доступны после начала выставки - 17.02.2020

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