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What are virtual Online Expo exhibitions?

It is a platform for making virtual exhibitions, online conferences with additional services for the exhibition industry, which unites all organizers of exhibitions and conferences into a single network. It serves as a powerful tool for selling and promoting goods and services to new markets.

Project objective

The objective of this project is to create of a virtual network that unites exhibition centers, organizers of exhibitions and conferences and serves companies as an economical and effective tool for cross-border trade.

Project achievements

Each exhibition is attended by the average number of about 500 000 people.
More than 1000 exhibitors were involved.
ExpoMarket sells more than 20 000 items
Representative offices operate in 4 countries of the world.

Project geography

Europe, Asia, America
Representative offices:
Germany, Cyprus, Russia,
Ukraine, Kazakhstan

Subsections of Online Expo

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The evolution of traditional exhibitions that allows exhibitors to take part in exhibitions around the world which have way more visitors and which are more profitable and more efficient

Trading platform that will allows exhibitors to sell their products and services within the platform to visitors from around the world while the service acts as the guarantor of the transaction.

The service for holding webinars and online conferences. Arranging presentations of companies and speeches of experts and specialists from various fields that interest the visitors.

ExpoJob service will help you find a remote or regular job. The majority of exhibitioners are developing companies – they often look for different kinds of specialists

Decentralized arbitrage service for safe cooperation between customers and performers, buyers and sellers of Online Expo services.

The association of exhibition centers from around the world into one network that acts as a hybrid of offline exhibitions and our virtual services.

What is Expo Token

This is the internal accounting unit of Online Expo platform based on blockchain technology, which users can exchange for products and services of all services of the company. Due to the closed chain of Online Expo services, customers (exhibitors, sellers, organizers of offline exhibitions) using Expo Token can significantly reduce costs on their business processes, freeing themselves from various external commissions.

About project

Online Expo - это платформа для организации виртуальных выставок, предлагающая целый комплекс программных решений и дополнительных сервисов для всей выставочной индустрии. Online Expo объединяет в единую сеть выставочные центры и организаторов выставок, которая будет служить экономичным и эффективным инструментом для продвижения продукции и услуг на международные рынки и развития международных торговых отношений. More

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