Online Expo

Online Expo is an ultramodern exhibition platform with additional services for international trade. Now any company can promote its services or products to the whole world!

Fast and effective access to domestic and international markets.
Remotability – everything is done fast and online.
Economic benefits - reducing the marketing expenses.
High conversion in searching for customers and partners.
Good attendance and high-quality business activity of visitors.

Hold webinars

Talk about yourself and your products to a wide audience online. Maintain the loyalty of visitors by making presentations on topics of interest.


You have a start-up or a developing company? Raise the funds for launching the product with crowdfunding.

Find customers

Create your stand, tell about your company, show your products and communicate with the visitors from around the world via the chat, audio or video communication.

Sell products

You can sell your products or services using our international ExpoMarket trading platform.

Find employees

ExpoJobs will help you find employees and contractors for your project – both remotely and on permanent basis

Make purchases

Purchase or exchange the necessary products and raw materials of other exhibitors at favorable prices via the cross-border P2P ExpoMarket trading platform.

Who are the visitors to virtual exhibitions?

The exhibition in a virtual format attracts the most interested and promising clients from around the world. Visitors of traditional exhibitions spend their time and money on attending events, they are always in an active phase of searching and collecting information and they deliberately visit the stands and show interest in goods or services. Obviously, they are more receptive to the offers of exhibitors. Virtual exhibitions simplify the entire process of interaction between exhibitors and visitors, which is why in the modern world business active audience has switched to a more rapid search for information on the Internet.
Online Expo attracts the most solvent customers. According to a study published by Continental Exhibitions agency, visitors of exhibitions spend significantly more than those who do not attend exhibition events. Virtual exhibitions are an ultramodern marketing tool that catalyzes effective promotion of goods and services to sales markets.