The benefits of participating in virtual exhibitions

On the platform of the international exhibition online center

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Why Online Exhibitions

Online exhibitions allow you to collect more exhibitors in one place, since the venue is not limited to physical square meters. Such large-scale exhibitions will form a more accurate picture of a particular industry and competitors, offer ample opportunities in finding business partners.

The geography of visitors to virtual exhibitions is not limited to a specific city or even a region. Companies find buyers around the world at minimal cost. The number of exhibition visitors on the Online Expo platform exceeds 1 million people per month.

The convenience of use

Communication with business partners and visitors is carried out using video and online chat. Exhibitors always stay in touch with potential customers, investors, partners.

Mass and duration

Exhibitions in the virtual space on average last one month, as opposed to three to seven days of traditional exhibitions. During this time, companies significantly increase brand awareness and the number of transactions.

Unlimited possibilities

Exhibitors of online exhibitions create stands in a virtual format, limited only by imagination. On a virtual stand, any ideas are embodied without restrictions on cost, installation complexity and footprint. In addition, you can entrust the creation of a booth at the Online Expo site to your personal personal manager.

Profitable proposition

Finally, the main advantage of online exhibitions with the listed advantages is the cost of participation. You no longer need to pay for the rent of space for the company's stand, installation, printing of materials. To participate in a virtual exhibition, you do not have to pay travel expenses to exhibitors and pay for the delivery of demonstration goods.

Each exhibitor of the virtual exhibition

what gets

Reach your target audience

Participation in a virtual exhibition guarantees a quick and effective result: At least 30 days, exhibitors receive from 50,000 visits to the stand by the target audience and an average of 20 calls per day.

Interactive stand

The platform of virtual exhibitions Online Expo allows you to post detailed information about the company with photo and video content, to brand the stand.

Package of advertising services

Online Expo marketers carefully study the activities of exhibiting companies and set up an advertising campaign that brings a target audience to the stand (targeting, contextual advertising, etc.)

Additional tools

Additional platform tools Online Expo. Exhibitors negotiate with potential customers and partners using built-in chat and video calls to sell goods or services through the Expo Market marketplace.

Efficiency mark

Evaluation of the effectiveness of participation in the exhibition. The client receives the full statistics of the number of visitors to the virtual stand and the applications received.

New Markets

Output and testing of domestic and international markets with minimal marketing costs

What you need to prepare something

Become an Exhibitor

Company Name
Logo (minimum 250 * 250 px)
Description of the company
Description and cost of goods / services
Photo goods / services
Contact details (address, website, phone, social networks)

At the disposal of the exhibitor

Functional personal account

On average, each exhibition is visited by about 1 million users from around the world. More than 1000 exhibitors took part in our exhibitions.1. Editing booth information
2. Adding booth goods
3. Chat and video call with visitors
4. Statistics of the exhibition and stand
5. Contact the exhibition organizer

You can register and create a virtual stand by yourself, or leave a request and entrust the entire technical part to our specialists.

1. Register in your account
2. Choose a virtual exhibition
3. Create a virtual stand with up-to-date information about the company, including company description, logo, contact details, etc.
4. Select and pay the fare
5. Now your booth has appeared on the virtual exhibition.

Can't make a stand? Leave a request, and we will prepare a virtual stand for you.