Expo News

Specialized Exhibitions of the HoReCa Sector

Specialized exhibitions of the HoReCa sector "Hospitality Industry" and "Furniture & Interior". Specialized exhibition of food and beverages "ExpoFood" April 11-14, 2019 in Sochi - specialized exhibitions of the HoReCa sector will be held

InterFood St. Petersburg

From 19 to 21 April, the St. Petersburg Expoforum opens its doors for visitors to the InterFood St. exhibition. Petersburg.

Antique bazaar

From 20 to 23 April, the doors of the St. Petersburg "Lenexpo" open to all lovers and connoisseurs of antiques and articles during the event "Antique Bazaar"

St. Petersburg Festival of Craft Beer

From 29th to 30th of April the Lenexpo exhibition center in St.Petersburg invites everyone to the festival of craft beer. Guests of the event will be able to see and evaluate the products of more than sixty breweries under the musical accompaniment of fam