InterFood St. Petersburg

From 19 to 21 April Petersburg Expoforum opens its doors to visitors of the exhibition InterFood St. Petersburg. This is a unique event which brings together manufacturers and suppliers of food retailers.
Organizers prepared the following sections:
Confectionery and bakery products.Guests will see the latest advances in the field of creation of confectionery products, learn the latest trends in the manufacture of flour products.
Meat and poultry. The exhibition section will be of interest not only to specialists in the field of meat production, but also ordinary visitors who know how to identify good meat from the bad.
Fish and seafood.Guests will learn not only about how to remain the beneficial properties of fish and seafood, but also learn some useful secrets that will help in the future to buy only good products.
Grocery, and oil and fat products
Canned and frozen products
Dairy products
Ice cream
Vegetables and fruits. The section invited the lovers of healthy nutrition.Producers will share their knowledge about how to achieve scientific and technological progress help to preserve the useful properties of products.
Baby food.
Organizers offer visitors two special exhibitions.
the First dedicated to healthy eating.Guests will learn about how the modern city dweller to not only eat right, but still tasty.
the Second will show the new trends in the field of equipment for HoReCa.
Want to see it? See you then with 19 to 21 April in hall N St. Petersburg Expoforum.
Please note: the last day finishes work early so to come to the event.