Gazprom connects the offshore and onshore parts of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline

"The technical operation, which is called a surface overlap, included lifting the coastal and deep-water sections from the seabed to a special platform above the water and welding them into a single gas pipeline. After careful inspection of the weld, the gas pipeline was laid at a depth of 32 m. the operation was carried out on both lines in Russian waters in January-February 2019 and completed off the Turkish coast this year, "notes South Stream Transport BV

After completion of the surface overhead operation, the landfall section near Anapa was physically connected to the receiving terminal near Kyykyi settlement in the Turkish region of Thrace.

“The Russkaya compressor station, which will provide the necessary pressure for gas transportation across the Black Sea, as well as the landfall section in Russia are fully ready for the start of operation,” the company emphasizes.

After commissioning of the receiving terminal in Kyyikoy, the Turkish Stream gas pipeline will be ready for operation. Start of operation - the end of 2019

The Turkish Stream is a gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey along the bottom of the Black Sea to the Turkish border with neighboring European countries. The first line of the pipeline is designed for the Turkish market, the second - for gas supply to the countries of Southern and Southeastern Europe. The capacity of each line will be 15.75 billion cubic meters. m of gas per year. South Stream Transport B. is building the offshore section of the gas pipeline.