Cancellations and postponements of German exhibitions could cost Germany three billion euros

Germany ranks first in the world in terms of organizing international trade fairs. Every year, it hosts between 160 and 180 international exhibitions, with 180,000 exhibitors and ten million visitors. Partners from all over the world meet at German exhibition venues. According to the calculations of the Association of the German exhibition industry, the country has already suffered greatly from the cancellation and postponement of trade fairs.

Exhibition organizers and service providers, such as developers, are suffering huge financial losses. This affects many other business sectors, especially the hotel and restaurant business, transport, and numerous local suppliers and contractors. These industries suffer significant losses in sales, which directly affects employees. Due to losses from sales, tax revenues will not go to the budget, therefore, cities or regions will be directly affected economically.
Thus, we can expect the loss of about three billion euros for the national economy only due to the cancellation and postponement of exhibitions and fairs.