Turkish shoes coming. Producers from Turkey increase sales in Russia

"At the February Euro Shoes Exhibition Premiere Collection, held at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center in February of this year, there was again a large area of Turkish manufacturers. This is the third exhibition where the footwear sector of Turkish light industry is widely represented. The participation of Turkish companies in Euro Shoes officially supports Government of Turkey This year, about 30 companies took part in the exhibition, presenting 36 brands of shoes, bags and accessories to Russian buyers.

The idea of creating one large zone of Turkish manufacturers in the Euro Shoes exhibition space was born in 2017, when a working meeting was held between the organizers of Euro Shoes and representatives of the largest Turkish shoe companies, in particular Ercan Demir, director of the exhibition Eksposhoes Istanbul, and Ercan Zandar, took part in the meeting owner and manager of the Turkish factory Zandar. The negotiations were very productive, and it was decided to form a single space in one of the exhibition pavilions, which would unite Turkish exhibitors with their own welcome zone, including the reception and national catering.

Many of the brands represented on Euro Shoes are well known not only in Turkey, but also in European markets. Now they are in Russia. The exhibition organizers hope that cooperation between Russian and Turkish businessmen will be long-term and effective, especially since for Turkey the Russian market is one of the priorities: the number of Turkish companies and products represented in Russia is constantly growing. A stereotype has long formed in the minds of Russian consumers: the Turks sew quality shoes from good materials, primarily from genuine leather. This factor also plays a positive role in the growth of sales of Turkish shoes in Russia.

Source: www.shoes-report.ru