Are you the organizer of traditional exhibitions or know the industry you are in very well?

You can become an organizer or co-organizer of a virtual exhibition or virtualize your event with an unlimited number of exhibitors!

What is a virtual exhibition?

Virtual exhibition is the service for holding virtual events. Companies from all over the world can introduce their business on a universal international exhibition platform, communicate online with visitors of virtual stands, demonstrate and sell their products and services.

What is exhibition virtualization?

Our platform enables to duplicate the real exhibitions with the virtual ones which is why each visitor will be able to get acquainted with exhibitors from any region without leaving home or office. We will create an online analogue of the exhibition held in reality and display all information about it on the exhibition platform, all your exhibitors will be able to hold webinars, communicate with visitors, demonstrate their products and services remotely.


The cost of placing the stand starts from 5000 rubles. There is also a large package of additional services. You get 25% or more of the funds spent by the platform exhibitors you attracted. In addition, companies pay a commission for selling goods and signing of secure contracts via ExpoArbitrage service, for holding online conferences and webinars and much more other things which you will also receive your commission for.