Innovative tool for organizing exhibitions

On the platform of the international exhibition online center

Organize a virtual exhibition

Get satisfied and loyal exhibitors

Organize a virtual exhibition, or digitize and duplicate your offline exhibition on the platform of Online Expo:

Thematic exhibition in the format of online under your brand

Unlimited number of exhibitors

Expanded geography of exhibitors and visitors

Holding online conferences during the exhibition

Report on booth visits and exhibitors applications

Efficiency and profitability of the exhibition in numbers

What gets virtual exhibition organizer?

- brand coverage of the exhibition organizer more than 10 million
- stands of exhibitors, decorated by technical experts Online Expo
-high-quality promotion and attraction of visitors
- maximum number of exhibitors
- resonance among competitors
- increase the average check for participation in the exhibition

At the disposal of the exhibitor

Benefits organizing a virtual exhibition

On average, each exhibition is visited by about 1 million users from around the world. More than 1000 exhibitors took part in our exhibitions. Organizing a traditional offline exhibition is closely related to stress and deadlines. In the process often there are technical problems, problems with contractors and customers. Therefore, we completely undertake the organization of an online exhibition under your brand, you just have to provide a list of participants.

To ensure that the exhibition receives the declared coverage, awareness and attendance, the Online Expo team allocates a substantial budget for quality promotion.

No more lack of space and vacant squares, which are striking to all visitors. Virtual exhibition allows you to receive an unlimited number of exhibitors and visitors to the event.

The organization of panel discussions and conferences is also possible at the virtual exhibition thanks to the Expo Conference service.

Virtual exhibitions open up new opportunities for regions, companies and visitors who could not visit the offline exhibition, as well as hold the exhibition in an international format.