International Retail and Wholesale with Expo Token

An internal account unit of the Online Expo platform based on the blockchain to pay for goods and services of participants in the exhibition industry.

More about the platform

Virtual Exhibitions Online Expo

This is a specialized platform for organizing virtual exhibitions, offering a whole range of software solutions and additional services for the exhibition industry.

Platform features

This is a whole range of software and hardware exhibition solutions.

  • Online and hybrid exhibitions
  • International Marketplace
  • Webinars and conferences
  • And 14 more services



years of experience


countries covered

Online Expo Ecosystem

Expo Token is an integral part of all Online Expo services

This is an internal account unit of the Online Expo platform based on the blockchain technology, which users can exchange for products and services of all company`s projects. Due to the closed chain of Online Expo services, customers (exhibitors, vendors, organizers of offline exhibitions) using Expo Token can significantly reduce the costs of their business processes, freeing themselves from various external commissions.

How security is ensured

Decentralized arbitration Expo Arbitrage for secure collaboration

Any transactions between customers and performers, buyers and sellers executed through arbitration guarantee security, where the customer receives his order, and the seller receives the proceeds. Online Expo acts as a guarantor and holder of funds for the transaction, until the conditions of the contract, concluded between the contractor and the customer, are fulfilled. In case of disputes, the company's specialists are involved in resolving the dispute.

What is happening today?

Online Expo has moved to the "Globalization" stage

The company has launched a two-year plan for bringing exhibitions to new continents, which includes:

40 international exhibitions
2 million goods
20k exponents
100 million visitors

where token is used

Online Expo is not only virtual exhibitions, it is a whole range of software solutions for the exhibition industry and trade and marketing industries. There are several scenarios for using the EXPO token on the Online Expo platform.

The most affordable way to take the company to new markets

Place your company on virtual stands in real exhibition halls

Buy and sell products around the world safely

Traditional Exhibitions

Participate as an exhibitor in traditional exhibitions or attend them as a visitor

Online Conferences

Hold online conferences and webinars for the exhibition industry public


Find a job or staff on a permanent or temporary basis

Everything is included in White Paper

For more detailed acquaintance with the company and its services download White Paper. It contains all the technical, financial and marketing aspects.

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Online Expo Economics

Sources of Income

All services of the Online Expo platform use Expo Token as a profitable and transparent payment tool. Token emission is fixed, it gives the opportunity to increase the price of the token with an increase in demand for Online Expo services.

Providing Online and hybrid exhibitions
Growing Expo Market
Growing Expo Info
Growing Conference
New product development

Company history

Work in progress


The start of the Globalization plan includes:

40 international exhibitions
20k exhibitors
2 million goods
100 million visitors

Digitization of offline exhibitions of the largest players in the exhibition industry from Europe and Asia.
Integration of Expo Hybrid technology and equipment placement in exhibition centers. Large-scale advertising campaign to increase Expo token users. Development and implementation of new services Expo Navi, Expo Rent, Expo Meet

Plans for 2019

Hybrid technology and tokenization

2019 Q3
Expo token development
- marketing campaign
- new exchange listing
- coinmarketcap listing
Holding events
- International start-up battle together with the organizer of the International Congress of Real Estate and Investment
- an online exhibition developing Russian exports and digitizing offline events with the Russian export support center Updating goods on the Expo Market marketplace where you can profitably exchange Expo token for any products. Mobile applications development with AR, Expo Navi and Expo Meet development for Deutsche Messe

2019 Q4
Launching Expo Hyprid - opening and introducing equipped zones in exhibition centers - conducting hybrid exhibitions using cloud technologies. Participating in world congress and exhibition events with the presentation of the Online Expo project for image creation and building cooperation with exhibition market players. Development and implementation of new softwares: Expo Rent, etc.

Plans for 2020 - 2021

International partnership

Joining the global association of the exhibition industry UFI and gaining recognition in the development of exhibitions using digital tools and modern technologies. Building an exhibition network where all participants in the exhibition industry will be able to use the Online Expo platform for effective communication and global trade using software and hardware solutions. Expansion and unification of the exhibition network throughout the world and connection to the Expo Hybrid service of more than 50 exhibition centers. Bringing the company to annual profit excessing $ 10 million.


Выход компании на международные торговые рынки позволит заработать авторитет и признание у мировых партнеров, частных инвесторов и инвестиционных фондов, что позволит собрать достаточный пул, и организовать вывод компании на международные фондовые биржи (NYSE, NASDAQ и др.)

Questions and answers

Where to get tokens?

Today Expo token is available for trading on the Hotbit exchange.

What provides growth?

Our company is interested in the stable growth of the price of the token, and for this we are actively developing the project on international markets to increase the users of the platform. The main criterion for ensuring is that the token can be exchanged for any of our services, as well as goods placed on the Expo Market marketplace.

How to buy at Expo Market

On the marketplace there are various products and sellers (exhibitors) make periodically discounts. And also, if you are the holder of Expo token, you have an additional opportunity to profitably purchase goods due to the rise in the price of the token.

What are the guarantees?

Any transactions between customers and performers, buyers and sellers executed through arbitration guarantee security, where the customer receives his order, while the seller receives the proceeds.


Project news

Keep up to date with all the news of our company

Robot Expo conquers Germany

Our robot Expo conquers Germany as part of the delegation of the Perm region at the Hannover Messe exhibition.At that time, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is meeting with our colleague in Perm.

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Results of participation in the Hannover Messe

During our participation at the @hannover_messe exhibition, we held more than 100 meetings on introducing prmobot into various business areas.

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Congress of Real Estate and Investments in Berlin

On February 18, 2019, the International Congress of Real Estate and Investments in Germany was held, the official partner of which is the Online Expo company.

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